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ATM Industry Growth

ATM Statistics

ATM machines are used around the world because they provide the ultimate convenience when banks are out of reach. With millions of transactions performed on a daily basis, it’s a smart decision to provide customers with the ability to withdraw funds at any time. National Cash® is a leading provider of ATM products with numerous clients relying on our solutions, and we look forward to serving your needs and helping you meet your financial goals. Check out some ATM usage statistics that can give you valuable insight into the world of ATMs!

  • ATM Customers Spend More: ATM users spend 20-25% more in convenience stores alone.

  • ATM Users Visit Frequently: 40% use an ATM 8-10 times a month.

  • High Traffic: The average ATM is used 300 times per month

  • Popular Stop: 60% of Americans ages 25-34, and 51% ages 35-49, withdraw $40.00 8-10 times per month.

  • Billions of Transactions: Over 10 billion transactions are performed at ATMs in the U.S. every year

  • ATM Popularity Explosion: According to Wall Street, “The ATM industry will grow tenfold in 4 years”

  • Employees Love ATMs: They provide safety and convenience in the workplace.

24 Hour Convenience Store ATM Performance

  • Average 24 Hour convenience stores approximately perform: 3000 transactions per month

  • Worst 24 Hour convenience stores approximately perform: 1100 transactions per month

  • Best 24 Hour convenience stores approximately perform: 6400 transactions per month

  • As you can see, businesses can take advantage of the benefits provided by ATMs and experience a higher rate of consumer traffic, thus improving overall profits.

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